How to buy Hamtaro in 3 easy Steps

Step #1

First of all you need to download and install the Trustwallet. If you want to use your smartphone you can find it in the App Store. After this you have to setup your personal wallet. Just follow the instructions from Trustwallet. After this you can see that you now have different Buttons. Click on “buy” and select “BNB”, enter the amount of money you would like to invest and press “next”.

Follow the instructions again. Once you’re BNB are in your wallet, proceed to Step #2.

Step #2

If you got your BNB Tokens, you need to swap them to the BNB Smart Chain. Select the BNB within your wallet, press “more” , select “swap to smart chain”. Then enter the amount of BNB you want to swap to the Smart Chain, press “swap” and “send”.

  • NB: Use V1 In  Pancakeswap

Now you need to add our Hamtaro Token to your wallet. Click on the two little circle in the top right corner. Scroll down and select ” add custom token”. Important is to change the network to Smart Chain. Enter the information and press “done” and “save” it after this.

Add these Information:

  • Network: Hamtaro
  • Contract Address:0x4d4CC29b9C4E413CFe5f898E16280f11db57E186
  • Name: Hamtaro
  • Symbol: Hamtaro
  • Decimals: 18

Step #3

First you need to type “trust://browser_enable”  into your browser and restart your Trust Wallet app. Open your Wallet app and click on “browser” down at the bottom, then find “PancakeSwap” under “New DApps”. Once you open PancakeSwap, you have to connect your wallet by pressing on your wallet address in the top right hand corner.

Now you are using the BNB Smart Chain to swap your BNB to Hamtaro. Make sure the from Token is BNB, then move to the to Token and select “select a currency”. Add the Hamtaro Contract Address. Now you can enter the total amount how many you want to swap. The last step is to just swap these tokens on V1 old Version with a slippage between 7%-15%.

Enjoy your Tokens 🙂 And welcome in the Ham Ham Family